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The Ohio School for the Deaf recognizes the importance interaction with parents and the community has in the development of a child and encourages visits. If a parent wishes to have a conference with his/her child's teacher outside of regular conference times, we are happy to help schedule a time to meet with the teacher and/or staff members.

All visitors should sign in and out in the school's main office and obtain a visitor's badge for the duration of their stay in the school. Students who leave with their parents prior to the end of the school day are also expected to sign out in the school office, as are students who arrive after the school day has begun. 

College students who would like to visit to fulfill requirements for a practicum or internship should contact the school office. OSD accepts a limited number of internship and site visits throughout the year, based on availability. 

Alumni are welcome to visit during public events, such as Homecoming, the Spartan Basketball Classic, and all home sporting events.

We look forward to seeing you!

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