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Admission Procedures

Admissions Policy

Who can attend the Ohio School for the Deaf (OSD)?

In order to be eligible to attend OSD, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be of legal age for hearing impaired children
  2. Be capable of profiting substantially from instruction as determined through a multifactored assessment procedure. 
  3. Have a documented hearing loss. 
  4. Live in the state of Ohio.

What is involved in the admissions process?

Students receive a Multifactored Evaluation. The student's MFE report is sent to his/her local school district. An IEP team is convened to discuss the most appropriate placement for the student. If OSD is deemed to be the most appropriate placement, parents will receive an orientation packet with forms to complete for admission. If a student has a recent MFE and the local school district would like to place the student at OSD, administration will review the file to determine eligibility and placement if further testing is not needed.


How long does this process require?

The process requires approximately a month to complete the Multifactored Evaluation, send the report and convene the IEP team to make a decision on placement. We urge parents not to withdraw your child from their current program until placement decisions for OSD are confirmed.




Doug Lowery, Pre-K - 8th Principal

Gregory Mendenhall, HS - 4Plus Principal

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