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Our Departments Counseling Services

Counseling Services

Several support services are available to OSD parents and their children. 

Our Behavior Evaluation and Support Team meets on a regular basis to review the overall needs of students from many perspectives. The group -- complete with representatives from the school, counselors and nursing and student life staffs -- provides guidance by sharing intervention strategies that can benefit students. OSD’s psychologist offers extensive assessments to help guide educational decisions and identify any mental health needs. 

Mental health counselors also are available to students and families for consultation and crisis intervention and/or ongoing counseling sessions. If families decide to engage in counseling services within their home communities, OSD staff will assist with any necessary release of information documents, the application of counseling recommendations and share progress updates. 

OSD works closely with The Buckeye Ranch, Deaf Think Positive, PBJ Connections and St. Vincent’s Family Center treatment programs (independent of the school) to better serve the needs of the students. OSD counselors are also available to assist families in negotiating entitlements for the student and have access to The Benefit Bank to help families apply for benefits.

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