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Day Student Policy

Day students are more than welcome to participate in the Student Life program after school hours.  Please check the monthly Recreation Calendar posted in the dorms and our website for schedule of activities available. Please keep in mind that activities and outings scheduled for the first and last two weeks of school are reserved for residential students only. There are also some activities and outings throughout the year reserved for residential students; a star next to the activity and outing will be the indication of that.

In order to ensure the well-being and safety of the student, the below guidelines need to be adhered:

  1. It is imperative for parents/legal guardians to make arrangements at least ONE DAY in advance (via email or phone call) with the Youth Leader to have their child join the after-school program (link staff directory here).

  2. Parents/legal guardians are also required to submit written permission to the school office the next day after they have contacted the Youth Leader, indicating specifically the date and time their child will be staying after school, as well as the time their child will be picked up and by whom.

    Sample of Permission Note:

    My daughter, Jane Doe, is allowed to stay after-school on October 3rd. I will be picking up Jane at 7:30 PM. Cathy Doe, Youth Leader in D7, has confirmed the visit. 
    Sincerely, Linda Doe, Date:

  3. Parents/guardians are also required to sign their child out in the child’s dormitory when picking them up. 
  4. Additionally, students must participate in at least a half day (by 11:00 am) of school in order to join after-school dorm activities and trips.



Parents/legal guardians are required to pick up their child by the curfew time. There are some activities and outings that will run pass the curfew time. Parents/legal guardians will be informed ahead of time the estimate time of arrival back to campus to help them plan accordingly.

Elementary Students: 5:30 p.m. curfew, Monday-Thursday 

Middle School Students: 7:45 p.m. curfew, Monday-Thursday 

High School Students:   9:00 p.m. curfew, Monday-Wednesday

High School Day students are required to report to the dormitory to SIGN-IN immediately after school as well as upon returning to campus from town. They are also required to SIGN-OUT of the dorm when they are ready to go home. 

It is the parents/legal guardians’ responsibility to inform transportation if their child is staying after school. Parents are expected to pick up their child according to the curfew time. Frequent tardiness will result in loss of privileges to stay after-school. 

Overnight Campus Privileges 

Day students who live more than 25 miles from OSD wishing to stay overnight for special events such as Prom, Homecoming, Alumni, PSA day, Special Holiday parties, etc., will need to have their parents/legal guardians (unless they are over the age of 18) contact the Youth Leader ONE WEEK in advance to obtain prior approval. Due to limited space in the dormitories, requests for staying overnight will be carefully scrutinized.  
Athletic day students who have early morning departures on out-of-state trips, or late arrivals from game will be given priority to staying overnight in the dormitories. Athletic day students do have the option of becoming a residential student for the duration their chosen sport if there is space available.   

Parents are required to submit written permission to the school office the next day after they have contacted the Youth Leader, indicating specifically the date(s) their child will be staying overnight in the dormitories. Parents will need to also inform transportation of the overnight stays. 

Disciplinary Problems

Day Students are expected to adhere to Student Life policies and dorm rules and expectations while participating in after-school activities. Failure to adhere to the Student Life policies, rules and expectations will result in restriction from participating in after-school programs and activities.

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