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OSD teachers and staff encourage their students to think creatively and critically as independent learners. They teach students to work collaboratively with others to build knowledge, trust and relationships. Passion drives the work at the Ohio School for the Deaf, and as a result, we have fun when we learn from one another.

Many of the staff at the Ohio School for the Deaf are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). Teachers are well versed in all modes of communication used by children with hearing loss. There are no barriers at OSD because we believe all students will thrive in our school and through our individualized programming, access to communication and direct interaction with their teachers and caregivers.

We are a school without boundaries. We believe in educating every child, every day.

Our campus has 22 buildings. The main K-12 school is a 62,000-square-foot facility equipped with the right technology to enhance and diversify learning. We use a number of resources to compliment what we teach and the way we learn. We want to extend the walls of our classrooms, to bring the world to OSD and place it in the palms of our students’ hands. We encourage our students to explore their talents so they can build their knowledge and develop their skills so they can be ready for a successful future.

Our coursework is rigorous and designed for students to excel. Reading, language and writing are a major focus at all levels, while special emphasis is placed on developing literacy skills at the elementary level where our teachers and staff help the younger children build a strong foundation. Our students are inspired and eager to learn.

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