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Transition planning is defined as a coordinated set of activities for a student, designed with an outcome-oriented process, that promotes movement from school to post-school activities, including postsecondary education, career and technical training, integrated employment (including supportive employment), continuing adult education, adult services, independent living, and/or community participation.  The coordinated set of activities must be based on the student's needs, and include instruction, community experience, development of employment and other post-school objectives.

Transition services at OSD are offered to help students and families establish a vision for the future.  Starting when the student becomes 14 years of age, an Individual Transition Plan (ITP) is developed during the IEP meeting and focuses on planning for life after high school in the areas of education, independent living and employment.  Some students need a great deal of assistance in these areas, others may go through the plans independently.  OSD has a full time Transition Coordinator who coordinates implementation of the ITP plans.  OSD offers an array of after school transition classes that parents and the student may elect to take, based on discussion during the IEP meeting.

Students, during their last year of high school, are encouraged to participate in the Senior Apartment Living experience.  In the senior apartment, three student of the same gender live together for a month.  Supervision is much more minimal than in the dormitories.  Students develop a meal plan and learn to shop for food, prepare meals and budget for living expenses.  Staff members work closely with students during the evenings and a licensed teacher/transition specialist checks on student's progress overall and assigns a pass/fail grade.  If interested in learning more about the Senior Apartment program, contact the transition department.

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