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OSD Statewide Services
Welcome to Statewide Services at the Ohio School for the Deaf!

Our dedicated staff provide services to families and educators using any communication mode, including both visual and auditory methods. Statewide Services' mission is to share and promote best practices among all educational partners serving deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing learners in Ohio.

Our focus is to provide expertise in hearing loss with neutrality and at little to no cost for school districts throughout the State of Ohio. Consultants are able to meet with school districts and families to evaluate and discuss strategies unique to the education of their students and to make recommendations for the Individual Education Plan (IEP) or transition plan.

Educational Consultation

The Statewide Services is committed to assisting school teams throughout Ohio that are supporting Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. Because this service is currently funded through the Ohio Department of Education, there is no cost to districts. We are committed to lend whatever support/resources we can to your education team. Our role as consultants are to provide direct technical assistance to the Local Education Agency. We act as the deaf Ed. specialist and a resource to the IEP team: in making decisions about services, placement, curriculum, transition,equipment and best educational practices regarding deaf and hard of hearing students. 

To this end, we observe the student through their day making observations and recommendations around the following areas:

  • the student's general development and his/her functioning in the classroom
  • assistive technology used by the student or in the classroom environment. Such as: cochlear implants, hearing aids or FM equipment .
  • the student's access to language and instructional content
  • the learning environment
  • the student's communication modality/modalities and effectiveness.
  • teacher knowledge of special needs around the area of the deaf or hard of hearing learner
  • assistance and recommendations for IEP goals or a transition plan.

When necessary we will provide or recommend appropriate evaluations for the student, including the use and understanding of American Sign Language.

Multi-Factored Evaluations - Call for 2018-2019 evaluation availability.

The Ohio State School for the Deaf conducts a weekly educational assessment clinic for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing with or without additional disabilities. These services are offered to residents of Ohio of school age children. The assessment is currently offered free of charge to school districts and will provide assessment information regarding the student’s educational needs in order to assist the local school district in completing the Evaluation Team Report, determining continued eligibility and the most appropriate educational services.

Appointments for evaluations must be screened and are made upon receipt of a completed referral packet,which includes consent of the Superintendent, or designee, from the student's school district of residence. Required forms also include information from the child's parent, teacher, physician, audiologist and related service providers. Referral applications are processed and an appointment date is sent to the contact person within the school district who has accepted responsibility for the referral. A photocopy of the appointment letter is typically mailed to the parent.

MFE Packet - Click here to download. (Password Protected)

For questions regarding the Evaluation or onsite LEA support connected with the evaluation please contact:

Cameron Crane, MLIS, MA.Ed.
Statewide Evaluation Coordinator
Statewide Services @ The Ohio School for the Deaf

Office: 614.995.1566/ Mobile:614.202.4193

For a referral packet please contact:

Patti Miller
The Ohio State School for the Blind
5220 North High Street,Columbus, OH 43214

Parent Mentor Consultation

Statewide Services Parent Mentor provides case work and information & referral services that will help families of students with hearing loss to best navigate the special education system and to participate effectively in their child’s IEP meetings. The Statewide Parent Mentor is connected with a network of resources and expertise that is utilized and shared to serve school teams and families across Ohio. 

In addition, Statewide Parent Mentors will connect families with their local Parent Mentors when available, from among the approximately 100 Parent Mentors (PMs) in the Parent Mentor Program across Ohio. Statewide Parent Mentors will act as support personnel for the 100 other Parent Mentors around Ohio when their cases require specialized knowledge regarding hearing loss and vision loss. When local PMs are not available, Statewide Parent Mentors can refer families directly to the Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities.

Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI)

It is essential for professionals using ASL to understand their language ability and needs in that area. Developed at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, the SLPI measures conversational skills, not interpreting skills or English-based forms of signing. Offered through Statewide Services, those interested in scheduling an Interview should contact Bob Donaldson-Pirc at donaldson@osd.oh.gov, 614-678-5469 VP or 614-995-1566 (voicemail only).

Contact Statewide Services

To learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us at crane@osdb.oh.gov or leave a message at 614-995-1566. Messages and other documents can be faxed to our office at 614-955-1567. Our physical location is at:

Statewide Services
Ohio School for the Deaf
500 Morse Road
Columbus, Ohio 43214
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